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Herbs have been used in almost every known culture to increase milk production. We know of no limit to the number of galactagogues that can be taken simultaneously, nor are we aware of any negative interactions between any of the herbs listed here. Yet herbs can be as dangerous as any prescription medication if not respected and used properly. The fact they are organic matter does not mean that the chemicals contained within the botanical plant are not potentially toxic when ingested inappropriately. We recommend that you check with your medical caregiver to ensure that no other substance you are taking will conflict with any of the herbs you wish to try. Be aware, though, that physicians are not well versed on the uses of herbs, particularly galactagogues, and may be very conservative in endorsement of their use. Rely upon your own sound, educated judgment when deciding if the use of galactagogues is appropriate for you.

In general, tinctures (alcohol or glycerin) work much better than capsules (dried seeds or leaves) because the potency of the herb is much better preserved when suspended in alcohol or glycerin than in the dried form. It is usually best to place it directly under the tongue (sub-lingually).

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