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Power Pumping

Catherine Watson Genna, BS, IBCLC, has developed the following alternative pumping strategy for mothers who are having a difficult time fitting pumping into their busy daytime routines.  Many mothers have been successful with this approach-it may be worth trying.  (Due to the compromised immune systems of premature babies, this method may be appropriate only for healthy, full-term babies.) 

  • Place the breast pump in a convenient location in your home, somewhere that you will pass often and where you will be comfortable sitting or standing.
  • Every time you pass the pump, use it for five to ten minutes or so. Stop when you begin to feel “antsy” or annoyed.  You can pump as often as every 45 minutes; pumping more often than that may not be helpful. 
  • There is no need to refrigerate the milk in between pumping sessions or wash the kit every time.   You can continue pumping into the same bottle and use the same pumping kit for four to six hours, depending on the temperature in your home (a warmer home will require more frequent refrigeration and cleaning).  At that point, just take the accumulated milk to the refrigerator, wash the kit, and start fresh for the next four to six hours.
  • Aim for pumping at least ten times every day.
  • Try to get an afternoon nap and a four to six hour stretch of sleep at night. Don’t wake up specifically to pump, but if the baby wakes you up, try to get in a quick pumping session before you go back to sleep, if you can.


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