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Milk Production Overview
Increasing Milk

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Physical Methods | Medicinal Methods (Galactagogues)

Physical Methods to Increase Milk Production

Physical techniques for increasing milk production are non-invasive in nature; they do not require putting anything into your body. Like a factory, most of these techniques capitalize on the principle of “supply and demand,” or more accurately “demand and supply.” If more milk is “demanded” than is currently being supplied, the body will try to increase production to meet that new demand. In uncomplicated cases of low milk production, it can take two to three days to notice a change, although recent research shows that the response can be more immediate.(1) Results for more complicated low milk production cases vary according to the root causes.

Considered the “first line of defense” when attempting to increase low milk production, physical techniques are appropriate for most situations and generally center around the one factor that you have the most control over: frequency and effectiveness of milk removal and stimulation. In general, the more milk that is removed, the more milk that will be made, although there are some situations that complicate the process.

These techniques can be used alone and are often effective by themselves, or they can be combined with other techniques; the choice is up to you and your special situation.


Breast Compression

Breastfeed Frequently

Milk Ejection Stimulation


Hand Expression




Daly, S., Kent, J., Owens, R., et al. Frequency and degree of milk removal and the short-term control of human milk synthesis. Exp Physiol 1996 Sep; 81(5):861-75.

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