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Hand Expression

For the same reason that pumping can increase milk production, hand expression of your milk can be an effective way to increase your milk production and is an alternative to using a mechanical device.  Expressing your milk by hand is an art that comes naturally to some women, but is more difficult to learn for others.   The frequency and duration of hand expression is the same as pumping.  Expressing into clean margarine tubs lets you aim into a large container that can be squeezed for pouring.  One mother braced a plastic cup under each nipple, held the cup with her hand, and used her thumb to express into the cup.  Any system that allows you to spurt milk repeatedly without hurting your breast is right for you.

Expressing Breastmilk from Breastfeeding.com.

Manual Expression of Breastmilk: Marmet Technique by Chele Marmet, MA, IBCLC


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